Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buying The Right Keyboard

Hey, when I first took an interest in playing piano I of course had to buy a keyboard. Now there are many types out there, but getting a good one to start with can be somewhat of a challenge.

The main challenge is getting one that you can keep playing even when you get better. It may be cheap to buy a $50 dollar keyboard, but as you get better you may realize that you will want something better. Now there are two types of keyboards out there. There are the lower end 61-key keyboards (don't get me wrong these are lower end but they still work very well) and the higher end 88-key keyboards (these have as many keys as a regular piano.)

First I am going to talk about 61-key keyboards. These keyboards can be found for much cheaper and I recommend starting with them. The only thing you are losing out on with a 61-key keyboard is that they don't have weighted keys, these simulate the feel of a piano and you will be losing out on that feature. It's still fine if you are playing contemporary songs on the piano. If you are going in to more classical piano, and you don't have a grand piano, I would recommend spending a little bit more for a weighted key 88-key keyboard.