Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How To Play Chords

This is the second lesson on playing the piano. The video below focuses on some beginner chords.


1. Every chord shown in this video has three notes that are all separated by one note. 

2. Every chord can be played in different variations (as long as the three notes that make up the chords are played). 

3.  Try to play the chords together in a way that makes it easy to switch between the chords, without moving too much on the piano.

How to Play Notes

Here is the first lesson on how to play the piano. The first video below is for 88-key keyboards or pianos.


The second video is for 61-key keyboards.


1. Say the names of the notes aloud while you play them. (this will help you remember the names of the notes and where they are.)

2. Remember that the notes go in a pattern that repeats. 

3. Once you can find all the notes - anywhere on the piano - you will be ready to move on.