Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Play Chords Part 3

This is the next lesson in the how to play chords series. These are the most tough chords to play and will most likely need more practice to get them down.


1. Every chord can be played in different variations (as long as the three notes that make up the chords are played). 

2.  Try to play the chords together in a way that makes it easy to switch between the chords, without moving too much on the piano.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To Record A Song

Well a few months ago I got a request on Facebook asking for a video on how I record songs. I decided instead of making a video with people judging me about the way I record I decided to make this post instead. Also sorry for the wait on this lesson, it's just been something I've been holding off for a while.

1. Equipment

The equipment I use is very simple, and even though it may not be the best, it still can give anyone a good quality recording for a song. If you have anything different that you use feel free to use that instead. Please don't go out and buy the exact stuff I use because in most cases the stuff you are using may not be much different. The equipment I use is still recommended though if you are just starting and have nothing else to use.

Samson G Track Microphone 

This is the microphone I have been using for years now. It is not only a microphone but it also has a spot to plug in instruments like keyboards or guitars. You can also record an instrument and a vocal at the same time making quick demos very easy to do.

This microphone costs about $120 online depending on where you look. It comes with all of the chords you will need and it also comes with software that I will talk about later. Overall this is a good microphone and it may not be the top most studio quality but I have still used it to make really good recordings so I recommend it.