Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To Record A Song

Well a few months ago I got a request on Facebook asking for a video on how I record songs. I decided instead of making a video with people judging me about the way I record I decided to make this post instead. Also sorry for the wait on this lesson, it's just been something I've been holding off for a while.

1. Equipment

The equipment I use is very simple, and even though it may not be the best, it still can give anyone a good quality recording for a song. If you have anything different that you use feel free to use that instead. Please don't go out and buy the exact stuff I use because in most cases the stuff you are using may not be much different. The equipment I use is still recommended though if you are just starting and have nothing else to use.

Samson G Track Microphone 

This is the microphone I have been using for years now. It is not only a microphone but it also has a spot to plug in instruments like keyboards or guitars. You can also record an instrument and a vocal at the same time making quick demos very easy to do.

This microphone costs about $120 online depending on where you look. It comes with all of the chords you will need and it also comes with software that I will talk about later. Overall this is a good microphone and it may not be the top most studio quality but I have still used it to make really good recordings so I recommend it.